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  Advanced Photovoltaic Systems - ESS 34 

Instructor: Steve Geiger
Phone: 916-660-8288 x4212
Email: sgeiger@sierracollege.edu

Prerequisite: Completion of ESS 30 and ESS 32 with grades of “C” or better
Hours: 108 (54 lecture, 54 laboratory)
Course Description: Third course in the series which examines the theoretical and technical dimensions of photovoltaic (PV) systems in detail. Topics include advanced principles of electricity and how they apply to PV systems, commissioning, troubleshooting, net metering laws, local codes, and National Electric Code PV requirements. Off campus activities required.

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Article: Students brighten Sierra College’s day with solar array PDF

For This Class:

Catalog Description and Meeting Dates PDF
Course Syllabus PDF
Course Calendar PDF


Assignments List

Homework 1
BP 3220 Cut Sheet
Homework 1 - Solutions

Homework 2
Homework 2 - Solutions

Problem 3

3 Phase Quiz

Class LAB Project:

Class Lab - "The PV Apprentice" PDF

Study Guides:

How to Take Multiple Choice Tests


PV Modules PDF
Inverters PDF
Mounts & Rails PDF

Safety: PDF

Safety - Lethal Shock
Safe Meter Usage
OSHA Electrical Safety
OSHA Fall Safety
OSHA Green Job Hazards
OSHA PPE Assessment
OSHA PPE Guide for Small Business
Hard Hat Classes

Career Lesson:

Taking NotesPDF
10 Steps - Note Taking PDF
Resume Resources PDF
Solar Job Resources PDF
Sample Installer Resume
Cover Letter Info
Cover Letter Template
E-Portfolio PDF
Portfolio Sites
Sample Interview Questions PDF
Sample Interview Questions to Ask PDF
Doing an Informational Interview
True Colors - What is your Personality Profile? PDF
True Colors Personality Test (Link)
DISC Profile Info (Link)
Local Industry Articles
Green Job Websites

Other Helpful Info:

Solar Industry Related Links PDF
PV Magazines, Trade Show Search PDF
PV Industry News Sources (World & Local)
Cal Fire Solar PV Installation Guideline (Link to PDF)
Basic Tools for Installers PDF
Sample Three Line Drawing - Enphase PDF
NEC 2008 - 690 PDF
NEC 2008 Tables 310.16 - 17 PDF
NEC 2008 Chp 9 - Tables 8-9 PDF
Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Chart PDF
Sample Jurisdiction Submission Requirements - City of Roseville PDF
Square Root of 3 PDF
3 Phase Delta and WYE PDF
Orientation & Pitch Excerpt from - A GUIDE TO PV SYSTEM DESIGN AND INSTALLATION by the CEC PDF

Other Helpful Website Links:

Brooks Solar
Jim Dunlop Solar
Grid Alternatives

  Class Lecture Notes: PDF

Class 1
Class 2
     Example 2 Answer
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
Class 7
Midterm Review
Class 10
Class 11
Class 13
Final Review

Class Presentations:

Common Breaker Sizes
Common Fuse Sizes
NEC 240.6 Fuse and Breaker Sizes
Conduit Bending Basics

Transformer Chart

Battery/Off-Grid Articles: PDF

Top 10 Battery Blunders - Home Power Magazine
Battery Box Basics - Home Power Magazine
PV Done Right - Grid Tie, Battery Backup, and System Monitoring - Home Power Magazine
Flooded Lead Acid Battery Maintenance - Home Power Magazine


Design Spreadsheet (Link)
Great PV Drawing Resource: Brooks Engineering (Link)
Solar Quotation Software
How To Do PV Design
Sample Jurisdiction Submission Requirements - City of Roseville PDF

Article 1 - String Sizing Tools and Choosing an Inverter PDF
Article 2 - String Sizing - Ask the Experts PDF

Other Articles:

PV Grounding - John Wiles - Home Power - CC103 (Link)



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