We provide consulting, project management, and design services to meet the expectations of both small and large projects.


  • Consulting

    Whether you're a startup or a seasoned business seeking to improve operations, Four Phase Energy will provide consultation and deliver solutions customized to your organization's unique project requirements and goals, ultimately maximizing the productivity of your workforce. We have over 50 years of combined industry experience in-house. Be sure to contact us first to ensure your project is successful.

  • Project Management

    Bringing proficient performance practices to companies to create a more robust offering. Whether the project is large or small, we have you covered to be sure your projects run smoothly.

    We help create solutions for energy installation companies by providing complete project management services to their offering. PM is the first step in creating a effective package for your customers. We have years of industry and product experience that can ease your mind with any project. We will help identify problems and create solutions so that when your customer invests in a renewable energy system, it saves you both money.


We provide design services that go above and beyond expectations. We have worked with installers for years and know what they need to not only make the permit process seamless, but the physical installation process as well. A good design can mean the difference between profit and loss. You can have confidence in relying on us to do it right for you!

Our clients appreciate the savings they can garner by including consulting, PM and design for their projects. We work with all parties - AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction, city or county), designer, financing company, product suppliers, utility, and installation team.

Let us help you provide a complete energy solution for your customers. We are ENERGY CONSULTING Professionals.