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  Solar Photovoltaic Systems - CONST 143 

Instructor: Steve Geiger
Phone: DEPT. OFFICE (916) 691-7353
Email: geigers@crc.losrios.edu

Hours: 54 LEC
Description: This course will cover general solar industry topics with an emphasis photovoltaic principles and products. There will be a brief study of the political landscape in California in support of the California Solar Initiative, and market strategies and incentives will also be discussed. There will be some hands on projects to help students learn basic electrical theory and circuits, and an introduction to print reading. System Sizing and components will be covered as well. This class is part of the Green Buildings: Environmental Design, Energy Management and Performance Based Construction Certificate.
Prerequisite: None.


For This Class:

Spring 2019
All assignments, handouts, and class information (syllabus, calendar, etc.) will be managed via: Canvas (click link to login)


Other Helpful Solar Information...

Electricity Basics: PDF

Basic Electrical Theory
Watts Definitions
Using Watts Law
The Power Pyramid
How to Calculate Electric Costs
Design Loads

Appliance Watt Chart
Kill-A-Watt Manual

Safety: PDF

Safety - Lethal Shock
Safe Meter Usage
OSHA Electrical Safety
OSHA Fall Safety
OSHA Green Job Hazards
OSHA PPE Assessment
OSHA PPE Guide for Small Business
Hard Hat Classes

Career Lesson:

Taking NotesPDF
10 Steps - Note Taking PDF
Resume Resources PDF
Solar Job Resources PDF
Sample Installer Resume
Cover Letter Info
Cover Letter Template
E-Portfolio PDF
Portfolio Sites
Sample Interview Questions PDF
Sample Interview Questions to Ask PDF
Doing an Informational Interview
True Colors - What is your Personality Profile? PDF
True Colors Personality Test (Link)
DISC Profile Info (Link)
Local Industry Articles
Green Job Websites

Other Helpful Info:

Solar Industry Related Links PDF (Old)
PV Magazines, Trade Show Search PDF (Old)
PV Industry News Sources (World & Local) (Old)
Cal Fire Solar PV Installation Guideline (Link to PDF)
Basic Tools for Installers PDF
Sample Three Line Drawing - Enphase PDF
Sun Orientation PDF
Great PV Drawing Resource: Brooks Engineering (Link)
Orientation & Pitch Excerpt from - A GUIDE TO PV SYSTEM DESIGN AND INSTALLATION by the CEC PDF


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