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  Residential House Wiring & Codes - CTR 60 

Instructor: Steve Geiger
Phone: 916-660-8288 x4212
Email: sgeiger@sierracollege.edu

Hours: 108 (36 lecture, 72 laboratory)
Instruction basic to the electrical wiring trade. Inside wiring as applied to residential structures. Electrical service requirements for photovoltaic systems. Use of tools and materials of the trade. Review of the National Electrical Code and the applications and CEC updates due to California Green Technology and "Net Zero Energy" policies.

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For This Class:

Catalog Description and Meeting Dates PDF
Course Syllabus PDF
Course Calendar PDF


Assignments List

Homework Diagrams: (.JPG Images)
Chp. 2 - 18.
Chp. 5 - 9.
Chp. 9 - 22.
Chp. 10 - 10.
Chp. 13 - 14.
Chp. 15 - 9.

Student Term Project:

Class-Student LAB Term Project PDF

Study Guides:

How to Take Multiple Choice Tests

Electricity Basics: PDF

Basic Electrical Theory
Watts Definitions
Using Watts Law
The Power Pyramid
How to Calculate Electric Costs
Design Loads

Appliance Watt Chart
Kill-A-Watt Manual

Safety: PDF

Safety - Lethal Shock
Safe Meter Usage
OSHA Electrical Safety
OSHA Fall Safety
OSHA Green Job Hazards
OSHA PPE Assessment
OSHA PPE Guide for Small Business
Hard Hat Classes

Career Lesson:

Taking NotesPDF
10 Steps - Note Taking PDF
Resume Resources PDF
Solar Job Resources PDF
Sample Installer Resume
Cover Letter Info
Cover Letter Template
E-Portfolio PDF
Portfolio Sites
Sample Interview Questions PDF
Sample Interview Questions to Ask PDF
Doing an Informational Interview
True Colors - What is your Personality Profile? PDF
True Colors Personality Test (Link)
DISC Profile Info (Link)
Local Industry Articles

Other Helpful Info:

Industry News PDF
Industry Associations

  Class Lecture Notes: PDF

Midterm Review
     Conduit Bending Instruction Guide
Final Review

Other Articles / Info:

Power Pyramid PDF
Ohms Law Wheel PDF
Grounding - John Wiles - Home Power - CC103 (Link)
Wire Sizing Website - Electrician2.com (Link)
NEMA Enclosures PDF
Three Way Switches PDF
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